Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

We often get asked if Murphy beds really are comfortable, so we decided to shoot a video about it. We have been sleeping in a Murphy bed for half a year now, and we have seen lots and lots of different designs and models.

People often wonder about how good the mattress is, and whether or not you can install a spring mattress in a Murphy bed. Maria is answering all these kind of questions, and you can see exactly how this Murphy bed is constructed, and learn about mattresses for Murphy beds and comfort.

Click below and get the answers.

Ever since building our Murphy bed people have asked me: Are Murphy beds comfortable? and my answer is Yes they are – very comfortable. WE actually used the same mattresses from our old bed, and we just cut of a little bit of in the width, because we wanted this bed to be a little narrower.

We used a 4” hard-foam mattress, you can see it here in the bed frame. We cut of a little bit of the foam of one mattress to make it fit.

I think a lot of Murphy beds have space enough to put in a standard spring mattress. I chose to use the space in here for storage instead of a higher mattress, but you can absolutely do it, if you want a spring bed.

It’s no problem at all, you just loose a little storage space. For me it is just as comfortable.

On top of that I tried to do the design in a way that I would really love it. Sometimes I feel like I am in a fancy hotel, because I have my polstered head board, my small bed lamps etc. so I feel very comfortable.

Even more comfortable than before. If you are worried about it just give the design a little extra touch, and you’ll be good to go.

In the beginning one thing did bother me a little. I was scared that the weight from the pistons would pull down the frame of the bed – that it would collapse on me and put me in a bed sandwich.

But it has not been a problem, as it is mounted really well into the wall, so it’s completely stuck and not going anywhere. My fears have evaporated, and now it’s just perfect, so Yes, Murphy beds are comfortable.