Updated on April 25th, 2018

All U.S Murphy bed stores (click to select state)

All Murphy bed stores

These are all the Murphy bed stores we have been able to find in the United States. Some states have more than 20 stores, while others have only a few showrooms or none at all.

These shops ship to all of the U.S.

For online shopping – Visit the shops below, where we have gathered the most relevant products for you:

A homemade Murphy bed with extra storage

Maria is the designer behind out DIY Murphy bed.

She has studied architecture in Denmark, and she loves the simplicity of well-designed furniture. Something Scandinavia is known for all over the world.

Wall beds, though, is an American invention.

Maria came with the idea while researching the web about space saving types of furniture, and we tried to find wall beds at Ikea but ended up building our own. We also went on vacation and saw wall beds in Florida, and got very inspired and fired up.

Normally the bed takes up a lot of space in a room, so a wall bed installation is a brilliant way to get extra space.

There are lots of great designs out there, but most of the good (modern) ones are very expensive, so we decided to make our own. We wanted extra storage, and we also wanted the bed to higher, as we don’t like sleeping on the floor. So Maria started drawing and designing, and we ended up with a unique Murphy bed design.

Great feedback on Youtube

We have been downsizing our apartment for 4 years, and in the process, we have built our own Murphy bed, which gained some attention on Youtube and other social media.

So we decided to draw a Murphy bed plan from it, to help people build the same model. Now we have built this website with lots of information on wall beds, and we hope you will enjoy it too.

Are Murphy beds comfortable?

The short version is yes, but it really depends on the type of mattress you install.

Most Murphy beds today will fit a nice 4-inch spring mattress, but you can also choose a foam mattress if you prefer. Memory foam often makes a good choice for at good night sleep, and they come in all sizes.

Video about the mattress thickness:

Another issue is the size of course.

Here you will have to check the design with the dealer before you order. All the online stores we have listed at the top of the page have free shipping, so if you choose a rather big bed, it can be a good idea to buy it online, in order to get it shipped directly to your doorstep.

This way you can avoid transporting the bed yourself. Murphy beds are heavy and big, because the bed frame has the extra frame mounted around it, in order to flip it up on the wall during the day.

We have personally slept in a Murphy bed for two years now, and it totally feels like a normal bed. There is no compromise on the comfort in any way. We only regret not building our wall bed sooner.

This is our Murphy bed. We normally pull it up every day, and it literally just takes a minute!

Murphy bed being pulled up

Murphy bed being pulled up in the morning…

Good luck finding your new bed

We keep adding more ideas and inspiration here, and you can also check out our Youtube channel, where we upload lots of videos about wall beds and other good space saving furniture designs.

We also run the lifestyle portal GoDownsize, where we sharing ideas and inspiration for compact spaces and simple living for a couple of years. We love to optimize, prioritize and make space in our lives for dreams and adventure. Check it out, if you are interested in downsizing, geographical independence, debt-free living etc.

Maria & Morten Storgaard
//The peeps behind this site