Where to buy Murphy bed online?

Free shipping and lots of models

These online stores all have free shipping on Murphy beds. They ship to all of the U.S. You will find several models with different prices and features. We have listed price ranges and shipping costs, to make it easy to get a good overview.

You can also take a look at our guide to local Murphy bed stores (and showrooms) here. On this page, we have listed all stores by State and city. Check this guides for New York Murphy beds and this page for beds on Hawaii.

It can be a hassle to transport Murphy bed systems by car/truck, and some people in the bigger cities like New York, San Francisco etc. don’t even have a car, so it can be nice to just lean back and order your Murphy bed furniture online.

Check the specifications

When you click on the individual bed systems in the shops, you can see which colors and materials to choose from. Some models have lots of options, so be sure to read the technical specifications.

When you install the Murphy bed, you need to make sure to fasten it very well to the wall. The manual you receive with the purchase will inform you about this, and it’s very important to read it carefully, to avoid any injury or accidents.

Murphy beds are safe, as long as you follow the instructions well, and most models have a balancing system, so the pistons or springs prevents it from falling on you. Make sure to check the pistons and springs one every year, to make sure they work properly. The Murphy bed store (furniture store) can also help you figure this out.

We have only listed some of the bigger online stores, to make sure you find a good selection and a professional service. These shops ship nationwide, so no matter if you are in Maine or Southern California, you can get your Murphy bed shipped directly to your door.