High end murphy beds

We have tried to gather some of the more well-designed high-end Murphy beds, to inspire you before you choose a design for your Murphy bed. Some are available in the U.S, while others are from Europe, Asia etc.

We have tried to put in links to the models that are available for shipping in the U.S.

Elegant dark Murphy bed

This Murphy bed can be found over at this shop. It’s made in espresso finish, and the wood is recycled and comes with 5 years warranty. It can fit mattresses up to 11” thick for a good nights sleep. The dark wood gives it a high-end look, that fits well in all modern apartments.


High End Murphy Bed

$ 1,272 with free shipping in the U.S.
There is also a white version which is a little cheaper: $ 891 incl. shipping.

The white model is made of cheaper materials, but it looks great in white, and for a more minimalistic environment, this can be a very stylish choice.

White Murphy bed

White Murphy bed

See the bed here with free shipping ($891)

The next model is a queen size bed, and can also fit mattresses up to 11” thick. This bed does not have the standard legs, instead, it has a solid wood-board for ground support.


This bed is a bit more expensive: $1,877 (with free shipping).

Designs from Italy

This next bed system is made by Clei.it (Italian website), and we have found it on the European market for approx. $6,000 (!), so this is a very expensive and extremely high-end Murphy bed – and it doesn’t say whether the price includes shipping.

Find all Murphy bed stores in America here.


It is cleverly designed, and when the bed is in the upright position you have a dining table popping up, which will seat up to 5 adults with plenty of space.

New market for high-end Murphy beds

Murphy beds used to be hidden away in basements, offices, guest rooms etc. but today they often find their way into our living space. Instead of being used solely as guest beds, a lot of people use Murphy beds in small apartments, to be able to use the room for other purposes than sleeping.

This can save you a lot of money on rent, as you can choose to live in a smaller apartment, and that money can be invested in good high-end design.

Exclusive space saving furniture is popping up here and there, and we certainly believe there is a good market in the future for exclusive and well-designed bed systems!

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