Modern Murphy beds

We have gathered some of the modern Murphy beds on the market today, to give an overview of the variety and diversity of the design.

We have focused on the more affordable beds on the market, as the high-end Murphy beds more often than not aren’t affordable for people living in small apartments.

Most of these beds are plain and simple designs, and if you want to add another function, it is pretty easy to attach a table or a desk to the front to make it work double duty.

Modern Murphy bed designs you can actually afford

The first model is very classic:

White Murphy bed

White Murphy bed

You can find the bed here at $891 with free shipping

Another fashionable design

This bed is a classic white design, but you can also get it in darker colors as well.

Modern Murphy bed

Modern Murphy bed

This bed is a bit more expensive:
Get it here for $1,857 (with free shipping)

High-end Murphy bed designs from Italian designers

There are other designs on the market (mainly Italian), but they are pretty expensive, and therefore not relevant to most people. But this specific design we would like to include here, as it very stylish and beautiful.

Fashionable wall bed

Fashionable wall bed

This bed can be found at on this Italian site.

A little background on the contemporary Murphy bed

The Murphy bed is actually a rather old invention. It was first introduced by a guy named Murphy, who want to invite a girl to his apartment, and at the time it wasn’t appropriate for you guy, to invite a girl into his bedroom.

So he got an idea. Why not build a bed, that can fold into the closet during the day? And out of this idea the original Murphy bed was built.

The Murphy bed as we know it today has been redesigned over and over again, and today it has a much more modern and timely design. Old Mr. Murphy created a company with Murphy beds, that would fold into a closet-like piece of furniture.

The more modern bed systems we have today are more advanced. The design is sleeker and often comes with white panels and nice features like bed lamps and night fold out night tables.

What the future of Murphy beds?

The Murphy beds have had a huge comeback during the last decade. The change in the economy has changed the financial situation for many families across the world, and more and more people choose to live in smaller apartments and smaller houses.

This has resulted in a price drop on Murphy beds, and when sales go up, you also see new players enter the market.

Murphy bed stores in California (updated 2015)

A lot of innovation and creativity has gone into designing better and more sophisticated beds, with new features like sofas in front, foldable writing desks etc.

For the modern couple living in small city apartments, these beds are increasing in popularity, and we think the prices will go down further, as younger and younger families start to implement Murphy bed systems in their homes.

The beds must match the other furniture in the room, and for a timely and well-designed living room, a nice white Murphy bed – with a table on the front – can be a brilliant solution. We think these multi-function Murphy beds will start popping up in regular furniture shops (at least in the bigger cities), and here endless possibilities for young designers, to enter the market with nice modern designs.