Full size Murphy bed

Most Murphy beds are full-size beds, meaning that you don’t have to compromise on comfort and space, in order to get a fully functional wall bed installed in your apartment.

We have found a couple of beds with neat designs, and we have tried to list the price and link to the shop where possible.

Most fold up beds are available in full size, and if you are looking for other designs, you can click around on the site, and you will find lots of different models and designs for inspiration.

This design is one of the cheaper full-size beds

Here’s a basic Murphy bed with a wooden frame and a nice and modern closet-like front.

Full size murphy bed

Full-size Murphy bed

Available here for $1,247 incl. shipping

Murphy Beds provide a simple, yet effective solution to the ever-present problem of making the bed. Imagine your children getting up in the morning, and simply folding their bed up against the wall. Voila! Instant order. A full-size Murphy bed will help you get the job done.

Add to that the fact that many Murphy Beds also function as other pieces of furniture, and with one simply lift of the bed, there is a desk, or a bench or a bookshelf in its place.

Whether or not your sheets are straight, you just strap the bed, and it only takes a few seconds – and minimal labor.

Nice and big Murphy bed:


See it here + 2 other designs from $891 (incl shipping)

With a big sized Murphy bed, you sleep like a baby

One of my least favorite chores as a child was making my bed. Come to think of it, even as an adult it is still one my least favorite chores.

How many times have I heard my mother complain about my bed is a mess, or worry about guests coming into her room, because she hadn’t had a chance to make the bed?

No doubt about it, order and neatness affect everything from a guest’s first impression of our ability to work efficiently in a given environment. Clutter creates chaos.

Getting lazy, are we?

Now, I know that sounds lazy, right? Admittedly it is a little lazy, but I still like the idea. Time is at stake, and the quicker I can make the bed, the better.

Even the largest Murphy Beds usually pivot easily with the help of pistons, so minimal strength is required to lift the bed or fold it down at night.

No more fighting with your kids or nagging them to “make their bed.” Instead, all they need to do is lift the bed up in the morning, and the job is finished. Imagine also how easy it would be to clean under a bed that folds into the wall?

Murphy bed stores in Colorado

Have you looked under your bed lately? How about your children’s beds? Now you can quickly sweep or vacuum where the bed was, and you are done.

Queen size Murphy beds for the win

I think it is worth considering the benefits of a folding bed, especially if you don’t like making the bed every morning.