Horizontal wall bed

We have found this horizontal Murphy beds online, a great solution with a desk in front, that pops out when the bed is in an upright position.

It’s the perfect solution for a kids room, where you want to be able to do homework and play during the day, and have easy access to the bed at night.

It can also work well in the home office, as you have a full-size writing desk, where you can place your laptop and books.

Horizontal wall bed with desk

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Notice how everything stays in place on the table, when the bed is folded down. No need to remove anything – super easy!

This Wall bed is a traditional Vertical version

Vertical Murphy bed

Vertical Murphy bed

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If you are thinking about whether to choose a horizontal or vertical wall bed; you should consider how it will be used. A horizontal bed can be a good solution for old people because you don’t have to reach as far up.

Sideways wall beds can fit everywhere

In case you are looking for beds for a hotel or other places with little space, you might be considering various kinds of options like a wall bed, that will flip up sideways.

The most important factor is often the budget, and with the present global economic recession, a lot of us struggle to be able to get a nice place to stay. With a wall bed, you can get that extra room.

Thinking of choosing a sideways mounted Wall bed?

A Wall bed is a built-in solution, that can hide your bed inside an enclosed cabinet. These beds are available in all sizes from twin, full, and queen size, and we can recommend mounting it horizontally, as it will take up less space on the wall, and be a beautiful solution.

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Wall beds can be opened vertically from head to foot or side-to-side. You just lower the front panel, and the legs can flip into place. You need to know that its cabinet must be anchored to the wall firmly, so the bed won’t fall on you (or the kids).

The moment you open it, the pillows and the mattress are unstrapped, and you can instantly get set for sound sleep.

Benefits of choosing a horizontal Wall bed

With a small space, you can still enjoy the full pleasure of living comfortably, all the joy anyone can enjoy in a small apartment with a wall bed.

It brings a beautiful artistic design to your home with a simple cabinet design, and it was known to be the choice of children, in homes where they are being used. The kids playing room will always look lively, just flip the bed to a horizontal position, and the room is ready for play.

It is cost-effective in the long run, and you tend to enjoy value for your money when you purchase a Wall bed.

Wall beds have been designed and tested, and you just need to make sure they are secured to the wall.