6 coolest Murphy beds (outside the box)

We have tried to find some of the most alternative solutions for installing a Murphy bed.

Some people go to great lengths to hide the bed in a funny and creative way.

The first design is a Castle Murphy bed – a fun idea for the kids’ room.

The bed is hidden in the design, and you might not even realize that this decoration double functions as a bed. We love the creativity that has gone into this design – even the locking mechanism on the front looks really cool!

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Castle Murphy bed for the kids


There’s also a version for the girls, with a pinker / princess feel to it:


Wouldn’t you love to go to bed, if you were a kid and you could sleep in a bed that seems to be taken right out of fairytale-land?

The next one is for the little astronaut, who wants to take off into space every night. It’s designed to look like a spaceship.

When the bed is down there are some cool lighting inside the bed frame. It looks cool when the light is turned on at the small “towers” on the side of the construction.


These cool Murphy bed designs for kids are from Etsy.

There are also fun ways to hide your bed, even if you’re not a kid anymore. This next bed is hidden inside an old piano frame.

From the outside, this bed looks like an antique piano, but when you open it up you get surprised!

Piano Murphy bed


If you like old designs and the antique feel, this could a fun project!

The next bed is totally hidden. If you don’t know it’s there, you could never guess that this desk can flip 180 degrees to reveal a bed.

Very clever design, that fits well in every small studio apartment, and anywhere else you need that extra space.


The last one is for the man’s best friend. Why shouldn’t dogs sleep in style too? Here’s a solution for Fido:


If you have other good ideas or if you have come by a great design, feel free to drop us a comment 🙂

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