The different types of Murphy beds

During the last 10-20 years a lot of new Murphy bed systems has involved on the American market. Some systems are direct variations on the original Murphy beds while others are totally different in the design.
first-murphy bed

The original “bed in a closet” design.

One of the more original new designs includes the desk, which you can work with during daytime, and foldaway when the bed flips down.


This solution is incredible because not only will it let you hideaway the bed, but it would also work as a desk, which you can fold away when the bed appears at night.

Another clever design is the bed and sofa and one solution.

When you turn the bed a sofa appears that you can use during the daytime. It’s perfect for the teenager’s room or the kid’s room or even in the living room.


These great solutions are quite costly but when you think about the added value you get the extra room in your house – it all really comes back to you again very quickly and that a one-time investment.

Within a year of two you will have your money back and then year after year you can enjoy your new bed, and you can save money. Plus you get a lot of other functions into the room.

If you are looking for a great overview of all the different bed systems, you could look at this pace, and check out all the different solutions.

You can also find a DIY plan, and infographics among other things:


Here you will also find a list of Murphy bed stores sorted and grouped into states and cities, which can be really helpful when you’re looking for a local store in your neighborhood.

You might also enjoy the historic overview of the involvement of the Murphy bed from the first idea and patent in the US, to all the other solutions that followed that original patent.