Murphy beds with couch | 10 best wall bed / sofa combos

We have seen a ton of Murphy beds with a sofa in front, and in this blog post, we share the best ideas from across the web. Some are for sale, while others are just for inspiration.

Online stores with Murphy beds we can recommend:

The stylish (modern) Murphy bed with couch

The classic and stylish choice is this beauty from the online webshop: Expand Furniture:

It will look great in any home, and Expand Furniture is known for supreme quality with very durable hardware and finish. You can find it online here alongside other great options for a Murphy bed couch combos, and they also have it over at

Trundle bed with sofa-like seating

The next one is actually a trundle bed, but we like it so much that it made it anyway. It has so many combinations of seating, dining, working and sleeping, that we just had to include it in this post:

We found it over at for sale with free shipping.

The next one is a pretty straight-forward Wall bed with a sofa in front. It’s also from Wayfair, and is one of the cheaper alternatives. It has a white closet behind the sofa, and when you remove the cushions, you can turn it into a bed in no time:

You can find it here with free shipping (search for “Delapaz Murphy Bed” in the search bar).

This one we found on Pinterest. We think it is made by the U.K. company, and we immediately fell for the minimalistic design and feel to this bed:

We hope you liked the designs. If you have come across other great Murphy bed couch combo designs you like, feel free to reach out, so we can consider adding it too.