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Local stores in New York

Bohemia, NYMore Space Place25 Carlough Rd
Brooklyn, NYCasa Kids106 Ferris Street
Dewitt, NYCalifornia Closets3210 Erie Blvd East, Ruby Tuesday Plaza
Farmingdale, NYMurphy Bed Company42 Central Avenue
Hicksville, NYCloset Factory290 Duffy Avenue 
Latham, NYCalifornia Closets952 Troy Schenectady Road, Peter Harris Plaza
New York , NYMurphy Bed Express203 Eighth Avenue
New York City, NYMore Space Place11 East 26th Street
New York City, NYMurphy bed Center113 west 25th street
New York, NYCloset Factory230 5th Avenue 
New York, NYResource Furniture969 Third Avenue @ 58th Street, 4th Floor

We have found 11 shops, and most of them located in New York City, but there are also a few shops in other parts of the State. Please let us know, if you see other shops than those listed, as we love to keep this list complete at all times, so we hope you will share your info with us, if you find any irregularities in the list above.

New York is the place to go, when you are looking for great Murphy bed designs. The original Murphy bed company moved from San Francisco to New York in the beginning of last century, and started a long and great history of Murphy bed installations across New York City. That’s why you will find these beds in both hotels, motels, private homes, office spaces etc.

Video with clever space saving designs:

This table is called the Goliath Table, and it’s a genius table, to put in the same room as the Murphy bed.

When the bed is folded down you can pull out this table, when you need to have guests over for dining. It’s a console and dining table in one.

Most of the Murphy beds you can also buy in Brooklyn and other areas of New York, and you can start by taking a look at the online stores we link to at the top of the page. There are several good options, and you can also visit the off-line stores and showrooms across New York, if you are able to transport the beds home from the shop.

Most of the designer wall beds comes from Italian designers like the Clei store here. They have all kinds of cool systems, that can be used for many purposes.

The Murphy bed has had a renaissance during the last couple of years

Cheap beds in the NYC area

Recently new shops have been popping up here and there, as Murphy beds has gotten a renaissance – especially in New York City, where the rent and house prices sky rocket year after year. Click here to see all New York City Murphy bed stores.

For the modern couple or the single student, who want to stay in the city center, it’s a good solutions with one of these affordable beds, as it will allow you to live comfortably in a small space.


It’s great to see, that more and more people find creative solutions with these wall beds, and that small apartments are being utilized with new and modern style.

The beds you find at the online stores at the top, are some of the cheapest wall beds you can find online, prices start at only $783 including shipping – it doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

The area around Manhattan is probably one of the most expensive areas in the world, and it is also one of the places where people invest the most in interior design for small spaces. It’s not always an option to live in more than 2-3 rooms, and then you must come up with creative solutions and clever bespoke furniture solutions.

Other cities with the same density and insane price pr sq.ft. are cities like London, Paris and Tokyo. When the density gets high enough, it suddenly makes sense to spend the extra money to be able to utilize every sq.ft.

One of the most effective ways still being to flip the bed away during the day, like you can do with the wall bed. Other good ideas can be folding tables, that will allow you to use the open space in the room, when you don’t need it for dining or work.

There are so many cool and fun ways to decorate and furnish a small apartment, and the web is full of good inspiration. You can also take a look at GoDownsize’s Pinterest page. There are lots of good ideas and homemade solutions to look at, like this cool bed we found in a showroom in Copenhagen last year:


It very unique, because it has a table attached to the front, that disappears, when you fold the bed down to go to sleep.

The table on the front is also possible to make yourself, whatever Murphy bed design you choose, and if you with two simple hinges you can just mount any desktop to the front.

Many models and solutions

Whether you are looking for a piston or spring operated mechanism, there are lots of good solutions to find at the shops, and we hope you figure something out.

Good luck finding your Murphy bed, we hope you get inspired by the shops above, and don’t forget to check out the online shops as well, they have a wide selection of both modern and more traditional wall beds and space saving furniture.

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