Online Murphy Bed Stores shipping to Wisconsin

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Local stores in Wisconsin

Brookfield, WICalifornia Closets18900 Bluemound Road 112
Green Bay, WIThe Closet Company2554 Larsen Road
Madison, WICalifornia Closets3234 University Ave, Shorewood Shopping Center, Madison, WI, 53705
Woodruff, WIMurphy's furniture1565 Hwy 51 N.

In Wisconsin, you will find Murphy bed stores here: Brookfield, Woodruff, Green Bay and Madison. We might have missed a few stores, as we have done our research online, so let us know if you have found other good shops, that needs to be added to the list.

We hope you find what you need, and we suggest you take a look online as well, as more and more models are available online with free shipping. Check out the shops at the top of this page, they are solid stores with professional employees.

If you would like to take a drive out of Wisconsin, you can check this map with all Murphy bed shops in the U.S. There are lots of local stores across the country, and the best shops and largest selections tend to be in the bigger cities, where the rent is higher, and more people need to utilize small spaces and tiny apartments.

For the DIY people, we also have a selection of Murphy bed plans, if you are up for the challenge of creating your own bespoke solution to fit your needs.

We have built our own Murphy bed (See it here) and we can recommend it as a Saturday project (or a weekend project). It can be great fun as a couple to build your own bed.