We love Murphy beds, and we have made a couple of Murphy bed plans with our own design ideas. The first one is our most popular model. It has storage behind the bed, and it is raised up from the ground, to get extra storage beneath the bed also.

The idea for the design came from an idea of a tall bed (we don’t like sleeping close to the floor) and a need for extra storage. We have kept the design as simple as possible, with some inspiration from Danish design, Ikea space saving beds, and Italian furniture.

>> You can get the plan for this Murphy bed right here.

Graham – Our most popular model

This is the Murphy bed we have in our own living room. We use it every night, and it’s very comfortable and easy to operate.

What’s the cost of this project?

We ordered all the wood and hardware online, and ended up spending $1,170 on the project including paint. We built it ourselves over a weekend (+ Monday), and with the DIY plan you should be able to do the same.

The plan contains detailed drawing for each step, so detailed that it should be quite easy to pull off without crazy carpentry skills.

Actually this video above started the whole thing, when it went viral on Youtube and Facebook last year. We decided to create a Murphy bed plan for this design, because to many people commented on the video, our facebook page etc. and told us, that they would love to get building instructions, so they could have a similar Murphy bed system.

We hope you will enjoy building your own bespoke bed. You will get the Murphy bed plan in both inches and centimeters, and there are also links to a good place to buy the hardware for the system.

You can find more info about this bed here, or you can Click here to get the plan for this bed.