IKEA Murphy bed – Cheap wall bed solutions

Disclaimer: IKEA doesn’t sell Murphy beds. For cheap Murphy beds, we recommend these (online) stores:

How to make your own IKEA Murphy Bed

To make an IKEA Murphy bed, you need three things:
1) Light-weight mattress ($79 at IKEA)
2) Murphy frame hardware ($329 at Ebay)
3) Plywood base.

Here’s what the finished bed will look like:

If you want a ready-to-use Murphy bed

If you’re not the DIY type, here are some cheap models, that are ready to ship:

This one is only $841 with shipping

It’s a nice classic white design, that will work in most settings. Very minimalistic and clean design. You will also find it in a darker version and natural maple finish:

Check it out in this shop.

This next bed is also very affordable, and ready to install in your room upon delivery. It will hold a 6-11” mattress, and it comes with a 10 years warranty.

It’s also a simple model, that doesn’t take up more space than it should. It’s piston operated, and you can choose to paint it if you want it to match the walls or ceiling.


It costs $1,149.95 here (also including shipping).

If you are ready to spend a little extra, this next model could be a good match. It will also hold an 11´´mattress, and you can choose from birch, cherry, mahogany, natural or pine wood finish.

It looks like the one above, but it’s better quality.

It’s manufactured in the United States, and also has 100 years warranty!


You can find it here for 2,099,- (including shipping)

We hope you have been inspired to move on with your Murphy bed project, and whether you choose to build your own from the IKEA mattress on the top of the post, or you choose to go with one of the ready-made options, we are sure will enjoy getting the extra space.

These bed systems have had a strong come-back during the last couple of years. More and more people move into the cities, and as apartments get smaller and smaller, the need for that extra space is increasing.

Build a Murphy bed with IKEA mattress or extra storage:

IKEA has been in front when it comes to optimizing small spaces, but you won’t find Murphy beds at IKEA, so instead, it can be a good idea to do a little DIY project.

We have built our own Murphy bed, which is a little more advanced than the ones above, as we have built in extra storage behind the bed, to utilize the space better.

We wanted closets, that were deeper than a standard bed, so we decided to make the bed system deeper too.

It has been a fun project, and we are very happy with how it all turned out. We also wrote a blog post about affordable murphy beds here.

Here you can see the result:


The way we hold the bed on the picture makes it look heavy, but it is light and the pistons make it very easy to lift.

You can read more about this bed here.

We spend 3-4 days building it after careful planning, and if you are interested in building one like it you can get the DIY plans here.

Scandinavian (Swedish) Design inspired by the IKEA trends

If you are into a Scandinavian design like the Swedish influenced IKEA designs, you should check out this wall bed system, that has a dining table attached to the front.

It’s very well designed, and the finish of the furniture is just over the top. It’s made to fit well with the typical white lines of Swedish designs, and it will look good in most clean and minimalistic homes.

This bed system, however, is not from IKEA, it is made by the Italian design company called Clei. They specialize in high-end design for the modern home, and with a strong focus on space saving furniture. Which is why the wall bed series is very famous.

It’s a family company just like IKEA, and it is still run by the family who founded it many years ago.

If you happen to go to Scandinavia and stumble upon an IKEA store, you might be surprised to find, that the prices are actually a bit lower. The reason is that in Scandinavia you find plenty of minimalistic designs with strong lines, and the Ikea concept is branded as lower-middle-class furniture.

This is a classic example of the IKEA design with a white finish and a minimalistic feel:


Foto courtesy: Ikea.com

Today it is a worldwide company, and many Americans believe that IKEA is actually an American brand and that it is owned by Americans, but the truth is that it is Swedish and founded by Ingvar Kamprad. You will also recognize, that many of the brand names on the packaging are Swedish names like:

  • SPARSAM: means “economical or sparely”
  • DAGSTORP: An old Viking memorial
  • KNUTSTORP: A castle in South Sweden

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