Online stores shipping to Chicago, IL


Local stores in Chicago (and suburbs)

Off the wall beds3419 North Paulina
ElmhurstCloset Works953 N. Larch Avenue
GlenviewCalifornia Closets1130 N. Milwaukee Ave.

We have only found stores in Chicago City, Elmhurst and Glenview. Three different companies, with different models and brands.

We hope you are able to find exactly what you seek, otherwise you can check out the online stores at the top, they all ship to Chicago.

There aren’t many physical Murphy bed stores in Chicago or the state of Illinois for that matter, so we have included a few stores from the surrounding of Chicago. More and more furniture is sold online, and Murphy beds are no exception.

Other local wall bed stores in Chicago.

If you run into other shops than the ones listed above, please let us know so we can include them on the list. Showrooms are fine too.

We have put together this website to inspire, and help you either build your own bed or find a good place to get one. We hope you find it helpful. And again – please inform us if you think any address needs an update, or if you locate other shops across Chicago.

Build your own system?

If you are looking to build your own wall bed design, you can check out this website, that can help you get the right murphy bed hardware for the project.

We have built our own model, which you can also get the plan for by clicking “Murphy bed plan” at the menu at the top of this website. Here you can see what it looks like:


It’s a homemade design. A Bespoke solution where the bed is raised a bit extra from the floor, so we don’t feel like we are sleeping on the floor. And behind the bed, we have extra storage, and this is where we keep most of our stuff actually.

Below the bed there is storage as well, used for guitar cases and stacking chairs.

In big cities like Chicago rent can be sky-high, and it’s important to use the space you have in the best way possible, and adding a space-saving wall bed can be a brilliant way to get a few extra square feet.