A Murphy bed kit is an easy solution, if you want to save some money and still get a very nice result. If you are a little handy it does not take very long to put together the frame.

Murphy Bed Kit

If you’re the handy type and want to save some dollars (hundreds of dollars that is!) – buying a Murphy bed kit is the perfect way to get a Murphy Bed.

When you buy a kit you need to make sure you get a good and strong quality, as the system must be able to hold the weight of the entire bed for many years.

The Murphy bed kit at the link below comes with a thorough instruction manual, to guide you through the building and mounting process. It includes all the stuff you can see on the picture below.


Murphy bed kit (link below)

>>Get the Murphy bed kit here<< (opens in new window)
..the kit is called “Vertical Mount Murphy Bed Hardware” (not deluxe)

Very cool locking mechanism will keep the bed from falling on you

This system has a very cool locking mechanism, to make sure it won’t fall on you. It locks the bed into the frame when you fold the legs down.

See the kit in action here:

Get the bed frame ready for the Murphy bed kit

If you already have a bed you might be able to use it as it is. Otherwise, you can at least reuse the mattress and the slats.

It depends on the frame construction, and whether you like the look of the bottom of the bed, as you will have to look at it every time you have your Murphy bed folded up.

Mount the pistons on the bed

The Murphy bed kit has pistons to help you lift the bed – so you’ll be able to lift the bed with only one finger. It is easy to mount on the bed frame, and the pistons help you carry the weight of the bed – up and down.

You can learn more about Murphy beds on our Youtube Channel.