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Local Murphy Bed stores in Canada

Dartmouth, Nova ScotiaCabinetworks Ltd.75 Akerley Blvd., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada B3B 1R7
Vancouver, BCExpand Furniture2050 Scotia St #108 Vancouver, BC V5T-4T1, Canada
Surrey, BCMurphy Wall Beds19231 54th Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 8E5
Delta, BCHidden beds11906-80th Ave., Delta, BC
London, OntarioMotivo Interiors150 Exeter Rd. in London Ontario

How to live well in a small space

If you are looking to reduce your mortgage or if for example, you want to travel more, here’s a list of things you should think about.

You will need to reduce your monthly expenses to an absolute minimum if you want to travel full-time and still have a place to go back to. You could start getting rid of all the stuff you don’t really need, and then you should think about how important is that extra bedroom in your apartment – and consider moving into a smaller apartment in Ontario.

As soon as you settle in a small apartment, you will not only get a lower mortgage, you will also need less stuff around you, which is awesome if you want to go traveling. You cannot bring all that stuff anyway, so why keep it? Think about the last time you went traveling for let’s say a month – Did you really miss all the stuff?

What I did was to get rid of the bedroom entirely, and how could I do that? well, I made my own Murphy bed system.

When you install the Murphy bed you can flip your bed up against the wall, which gives you a lot of extra space in that small apartment of yours. A great solution for the small city apartment, and the full-time traveler that needs room to get back to now and then.

Whenever you don’t know if you need a specific item, simply put it away under the bed, and if for some reason you start missing it you can always take it out. After a month or two you will know if you ever needed it. You will probably be surprised at how much you can live without. Think about all the stuff in your storage units right now, that you never take out of there.

Good luck with your Ontario apartment, and remember always set a time frame, to be sure you’re working towards a goal that you yourself have defined.