Online Murphy Bed Stores shipping to Tennessee

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Local stores in Tennessee

Brentwood, TNMore Space placeSiano Appliance and Home Center, 7106 Crossroads Blvd., #201
Franklin, TNCalifornia Closets420 Cool Springs Blvd. suite 125
Goodlettsville, TNCloset Factory715 Space Park North 
Memphis, TNMore Space Place1209 Ridgeway Road
Memphis, TNScan Interiors1826 Sycamore View
Nashville, TN2 Danes73 White Bridge Road
Nashville, TNRecreation Furniture4319 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TNRecreation Furniture2600 Fessy Park Road

We found 5 Murphy bed stores in Nashville, one in Brentwood, one in Franklyn and finally one in Goodlettsville. So if you like to shop locally there are some good options. We have done some research in order to locate all the local shops across the country, so if you are looking for stores and showroom in other states as well, be sure to check our complete list of local murphy bed stores.

We have a few this for your before you go looking for your perfect wall bed solution. First you should make sure you have done a thorough job of measuring your bedroom. It’s very important to have the correct dimensions, so you don’t end up with a Murphy bed that won’t fit inside your bedroom.

Other than that it’s a good idea to find a bed, that matches the other furniture in the room. If you go with one of the cheaper alternatives, you can always choose to paint the wood in the same color as the other furniture, but if you buy a more expensive wall bed, you need to check the colors in the room, to be sure you have a good match.

Good luck finding your bed, and we wish you a good night sleep 🙂