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Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is a nice place to live, and if you struggle to stay in side the city center of e.g. Phoenix, theres lots of options to make more of the space you have by exchanging some old furniture for new smart folding beds and tables. A Murphy bed is the classic solution to optimize your space, just by adding a smarter bed to the interior design.


Old Wall bed from the Max Brothers movies.

When you fold the bed up, there’s the solution to the home office or dining room. You can even choose a model with a dinner table attached to the front of the bed. When the bed is up you can fold down the table, to make room for dining, work or to pursue your hobbies, even if you live in a one bedroom apartment with very limited space in Tucson or Phoenix.

Most Americans have tried to be on a budget, and if you’re not sure you can afford a bigger space in Phoenix or Mesa, a Murphy bed solution can be the perfect way to go, while you save up some more money for the next home. Matching tree and panels are easy to get, if you buy your wall bed from one of the shops you find on the top of this page.