Online Murphy Bed Stores shipping to Oregon

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Local stores in Oregon

Beaverton, ORBella Furnishing8205 SW Creekside Pl., Suite D-1
Bend, ORWall bed factory20515 Murray Rd
Bend, OR (Dealer)Brian's Cabinets61527 American Loop
Corvallis, ORWall beds unlimited220 NW 2nd. Street
Portland, ORCalifornia closets1235 W. Burnside St.
Portland, ORPortland Closets1120 Northwest 14th Avenue
Salem, ORSids home furnishings340 Court Street Northeast
Tualatin, ORCloset Factory19824 SW Teton Avenue 

Oregon has a good selection of Murphy bed shops to choose from. You can find local shops in these towns: Corvallis, Beaverton, Bend, Portland, Salem and Tualatin. Portland has two shops, so it totals up to 7 shops in all of Oregon.

There might be other shops out there, that we couldn’t find (or haven’t found yet), so please contact us if you have other information.

You can also order online, and get the Murphy bed(s) delivered directly to you. The two stores we have listed at the top will ship for free to your address.

We recommend you check them also, before deciding which model you want, because you can save a lot of money online, not to mentions the hassle of transporting these beds.

Portland is a good place to look for these beds

If you live near the city of Portland, then you have a couple of options to go visit the showroom, and try out the beds for yourself. There are these two shops, but be sure to check the opening hours, as they might vary from normal furniture shops in the area.

If you are planning to downsize or just get an extra room during the day, turning the bedroom into a living space is a good idea. Rent can be expensive in the city, and a wall bed is a great way to utilize the space as well as possible.

You might also be looking for an extra guest bed, in which case the horizontal Murphy beds from Wayfair can be a good idea:


This bed is so genius because it will enable you to have a nice workspace on the desktop during the day, without having to clean the table every night, before flipping down the bed from the wall.

Because all the stuff on the table stays in perfect place, and the table is completely level all the way down to the floor when you fold the bed down to go to sleep.

This model is perfect for the kid’s room, or if you want to hide a guest bed in an office.

Is a Murphy bed something for you?

If you are wondering if it’s comfortable to sleep in a Murphy bed, we have made a video about the mattress and softness of these beds:

Maria tell you about the different mattresses you use, and you can easily get a very comfortably full size spring mattress to fit in the bed frame, or if you prefer memory foam that can be done too.

We have been sleeping in our Murphy bed for around two years now, and we absolutely love it, we can only recommend getting that extra space. It’s definitely worth the investment.

The cheapest models

If you want to find the cheapest Murphy beds for sale online, we have written a post over at GoDownsize, where you can see pictures and prices for the different models there are out there on the market.