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Local stores in Maine

PortlandCloset Factory390 Presumpscot Street 

Murphy bed stores in Maine (Portland)

We have tried to locate all Murphy bed shops in Maine, and so far we have only come by one shop. This shop is located in Portland, and is owned by Closet Factory. If you know of any other Murphy bed stores in the state of Maine, please let us know. We do our best to keep this list complete, and we’d love to add other shops to it.

If you like to shop online, there are also great possibilities to get a Murphy bed shipped to Maine. The shops we have listed on the top of this page all have free shipping to Maine. It can be a hassle to transport a Murphy bed, so make sure you have the correct measurements, before you get a truck – if you choose to pick up the bed system.

We also have Murphy bed plans, if you are thinking about building your own bed system. All you need is a hardware kit with all the special parts and pistons, to make sure you get a good result, that will last a lifetime.

We hope you will enjoy this page. We had a lot of fun creating it, and we believe it is the #1 independent Murphy bed resource on the Internet.