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Metairie, LACalifornia Closets3211 N. Causeway Blvd

Murphy bed shops in the state of Louisiana

In Louisiana we have only found one store with Murphy beds. If you want to take a longer drive, you can check out this page with all Murphy bed stores, that will tell you exactly where to go. We have carefully listed all stores and showrooms pr state, to make it very easy to find them.

California Closets has a store in Metairie, and if you plan on going there, be sure to call in advance, to make sure they are in fact open. If you have come by other stores that we do not know of (all stores we have found will be listed here) make sure you contact us, so we can add it to this list.

Murphy beds have been around for more than a decade now, and we are amazed by all the creativity and innovation that has gone into these designs. You’ll find Murphy beds with a couch in front, beds with shelving units on the front and a lot of other cool designs. Take a look around on this site, and get inspired from all the great designs.