Online stores shipping Murphy beds to Iowa:

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Local stores in Iowa:

UrbandaleAmish Haus Furniture3201 100th Street

Shops with Murphy beds in Iowa

We haven’t been able to find more than one store with Murphy beds in Iowa. If you have seen other stores with Murphy beds, please let us know. We try to keep these pages up-to-date. You’ll find lists of Murphy bed stores for all the states on this site, go here go see All Murphy bed stores in the U.S.
We love the Murphy bed idea, and we try to feature all the best content there is to find about these great beds. You can find the history of the Murphy bed, as well as great examples, free plans, hardware kits and much more.

A lot of innovation has gone into the Murphy bed design since the first prototype in 1899, and today you find them in lots of hotels, guest rooms, kids rooms etc. Most Murphy beds are sold in big cities like New York and San Francisco, but you will also find Murphy beds in smaller cities, because it’s the perfect way to get an extra bedroom.