Online stores that ship to Alabama:

Visit the shops below, where we have gathered the most relevant products for you



Local stores in Alabama

CollinsvilleAndy's Wallbeds4435 County Rd 1, Collinsville, Al 35961
FairhopeCustom Closets85 N. Bancroft Street, Windmill Market
MobileCustom Closets881 Hillcrest Road

Be sure to check the opening hours before turning up, as some of these shops are showrooms only, where you need an appointment to see anything.

We have found free stores in Alabama, one in Collinsville, one in Fairhope and one in Mobile. Two of those stores are Custom Closets, and the last one is called Andy’s wallbeds.

If you don’t want to transport the bed yourself..

It can be difficult to transport these big bed systems, because they tend to get very heavy, with the frame around the bed, the lifting mechanism and so on, so sometimes it’s just easier to shop online and have it delivered at your door.

We have found four online shops that ship to Alabama (check the links at the top of the page). It can be a hassle to transport a Murphy bed system, so a direct delivery from the shop to your address can be a good idea.


These Murphy bed stores ship not only to Alabama, but to all of U.S and Canada. You can also visit the offline shops in Collinsville, Fairhope and Mobile, if you prefer to do your shopping offline.

If you happen to come across other stores in this area, please let us know so we can keep this list updated. Our goal is to making this website the best resource on wall beds online.