Infographic: How much can you save with a Murphy bed?

We have done some research on how much you can save if you skip one room in your apartment.

Even though its very simple math, we were really surprised by the result! So we decided to do a Murphy bed infographic, to visualize how much you can save, and what else you can do with that money.

We have used data from New York City, Paris, and London, in order to get a good average amount of money you can save if you live in one of the bigger cities in the world.

As shown above, you can save $7.500… per year! when you install a Murphy bed. That’s equivalent to a world around trip, two full months away from work or you can choose a two person 3-course meal at restaurants 3 times pr. week!

Murphy bed Infographic – Share the good news!

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Here’s the Infographic.

Murphy bed infographic

Murphy bed infographic

Yeah, but I don’t live in an expensive area!

The above numbers apply to apartments in an expensive city, but even if you live in a cheap area there are some serious bucks to be saved! The average cost of an extra room across the US is $190 pr. month – a lot less than $717 in New York City. But when you add up the cost pr. year it’s $2.280 pr. year. And you can find good materials over at

And the best part is that you will save this money EVERY year, and the Murphy bed is a one-time investment!

How did we get to these numbers?

We went over to Numbeo and found the average cost pr. room in some of the major cities around the world. The site list the average price for a 1-bedroom apartment and a 3-bedroom apartment. We found the difference between these numbers to find the price for the 2. and 3. bedroom. We figure the 2. room is more expensive than the 3rd room, so we decided to price one extra room as 1/3 of that price.