Our Murphy bed (with cabinets behind the bed)

A few years ago, we built our own Murphy Bed, because we wanted to utilize our space as well as possible.

We decided to film it, and post it on Youtube, and it turned out that people really liked it, so we decided to create an easy step-by-step plan, to help others build the same project.

You can check out the video here:

As you can see we have built in storage behind the bed. The reason is, that we live in a small apartment with only two rooms, so we don’t have much space for storage.

Next to the bed we have a closet with our clothes, and we wanted the bed to flush with the closet. The bed itself is not so deep, so we decided to put shelves behind the bed, to make it deeper and become flush with the closets.


Maria has been drawing and sketching, and finally we came up with a design for our fold away double bed. It is mounted higher on the wall, to make is just as comfortable as a normal bed.

This Murphy bed is higher than standard Murphy beds, and has storage beneath the bed. Behind the bed you find two cabinets for storage. Closets besides bed (on picture) are not part of the plan.

The plan very thoroughly walks you through each step with more than 50 drawings and detailed explanations.

The materials for this project cost us $1,170 (incl. paint), and the hardware (pistons, mounting pieces etc.) we used can be found on this page …kit #2 two from left.

Specifications and dimensions

Outer frame: H: 94 – 5/16” x W: 69”
Depth: 23-5/8”
Height: 16,5”
NB: If you buy the plan, you will get it in centimeters as well.

Designed by Maria Storgaard © 2015

We spent $1,170 on materials incl. paint.

The hardware kit

We bought a hardware kit including pistons, mounting pieces and hinges. It cost $309.99, so it’s not super cheap, but it is solid quality, which is important. It is worth spending the extra dollars, on good quality that will last longer.

>>The hardware (pistons, mounting pieces etc.) can be found here


We have also made room for extra storage beneath the bed, in order to store all our stuff in this bespoke solution.

Whenever the bed is folded up, you wont notice it much, because it is flush with the closets.


Before we built this bed, we had a high bed with storage under it. We also built that ourselves, but today we rent our two of our four rooms, so we needed all the space we could get.

This double Murphy bed really works well, and we do fold it away almost every day – it only takes like 10 seconds!

DIY Murphy bed

Double Bed Headboard (open)

Head board (open)

Inside the bed we have a holstered headboard, that we can flip up and down. Behind it we have space for storage, and we have made it soft, so we can sit and read in the bed.

We use the storage inside the bed for stuff we rarely need – like winter clothing, Christmas ornaments, childhood memories and other good stuff.

Time frame for the project

It took us 3 days to do it (2 persons), but we didn’t work more than 4-5 hours pr day.

We have spent around $ 1,000 on materials, and when you think about the investment, it really makes a lot of sense to build a bed like this, especially when you need a 2-person bed that would otherwise take up lots of space.

This way you save a lot of space AND money – as you can live more comfortably in a smaller apartment.


  • Austin

    This is truly an amazing build. the Finished product is great. Would you mind sending a notification when the plans are posted? Thank you for sharing.

    Warm Regards


  • Hi Austin, thanks! Sure we can do that 🙂 have a great day.

  • sara c

    I too would love a copy of the plans… I found some a at a website ana-white.com however… I don’t want my bed sitting not the floor either. This is also going in my office/Guest Room. I can’t stand for there to be clutter so it makes it almost impossible to work unless there is nothing in the room except me and my desk. These are amazing and I would love to be able to store all of my keep sake things in the storage here while it does allow me to display my school memorabilia when it is open. A-MAZING!

  • Thanks Sara, good to hear 🙂

  • Casey

    What an AWESOME design! LOVE it! Great idea for storage. I just bought my first one bedroom town home and pleasantly found your Youtube video of DIY Murphy bed. I would like to store my guitar and out of seasons clothing under and behind the bed as well. Since I only have one bedroom, it is going to be my work space and work out room. Could you please send me a notification when you have the plan posted? Many thanks and best wishes.

    • Thanks Casey! God to hear, we will let you know when the plan is up! noted 🙂

  • ki,

    That is a really neat bed. Are you sharing your plans??? If so I’d love to have a copy too! Thanks

    • Thanks, absolutely! just click “DIY plan” at the top meny 🙂

  • Laurie

    Love it! Please inform me when the plans for this design are available.

    • Hi Laurie, the plan is ready now, you can click “murphy bed plan” in the menu at the top to find it 🙂

  • Charlotte

    Hello! Just bought and downloaded the plans, but realized it was in inches. Thought I read here that there was a metric version was included as well. Hope so… 😉

    • Hi Charlotte, thank you SO MUCH for buying the plan, just sent you an e-mail – we’ll send it to you on your email. In the future the plan in centimeters will be included automatically as well as the one in inches. Have a great day!

  • Michael

    Hi, just purchased the plan, but can’t find where to download? Have received only emails from PayPal.. /Michael

    • Just wanted to report that we solved this by e-mail. Everything is working fine again, the plan is e-mailed automatically after payment in both inches and centimeters 🙂

  • Edwin Hernandez

    I want to build a bed for a king size bed. Do you have the plans for this size?

    • JJ

      I am also looking to build a king, have you had any luck?

      • It’s pretty easy to adjust the size yourself. If you get the Murphy bed plan for this bed, you can adjust to fit your needs.

  • Amanda Harvey

    Hi I just purchased this and noticed you are using a 10cm mattress, is it possible to use a standard 20-30cm depth mattress? How much should I adjust the plans? I presume this depth will need to be accounted for in the width of the side panels. Any advice would be great

  • Andy

    Where did you get the locking legs? I plan on building my own bed but am not going to use a hardware kit but the legg doubling as locks so the bed doesn’t come out is a great idea.

  • Henna du Plessis

    Hi there, I live in the Middle East. What parts would need from USA, and where can we find it? Obviously the mattress, wood, tools and screws etc. are available here. What hardware parts would we need? We really want build the bed. Please advise.

  • vera wunderink

    Hi. This is off topic, but I don’t see a contactbutton.
    I want to download your murhybed-plan and I don’t use paypal. How do i proceed to pay with my creditcard?
    Thank you.