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One of the first designs

One of the original designs

The first design was set in production around the year 1900. It was a pretty simple design with springs to lift the bed and hide it inside a closet. You can read more about it at the History page. It was invented by William L. Murphy, who also started the first company. He is the guy who named the bed.

Space saving beds has been popular through the history, and during the last 5-10 years we have seen a lot of new clever designs of bunk beds, wall beds, beds that hides inside shelving systems and much more. You will find all these great designs throughout the site. We have made a list with the all the different types and models.

If you are looking for local stores you can click the “local stores” menu at the top of the page, and see a map of the U.S. Click on your state to find a list of all the local murphy bed stores within your area. Here you will also find a list of the online stores that delivers to your area. Let us know if a store is missing on the list.

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