We have gathered a list of the different types of Murphy Beds, to make it easy to get an overview of the many models and types.

Some of the most popular Murphy beds models are:

  • Sideways mounted Murphy beds
  • Murphy bunk beds
  • Murphy beds with shelves
  • Models with sofa/couch in front
  • Models with a dining table
  • Models with desk mounted on the front

Let’s check out some of the coolest designs we have come across.
(..and see where to get them at the best deal!)

This is the traditional Murphy Bed model. It folds up and hides inside a closet.
You can read about the development of this type on the Murphy Bed History page.

Standard Murphy Bed

Standard Murphy Bed.

This model can be found here for $841 (incl. shipping).

It comes in a lot of different variations and sizes, and they all have the lift mechanism in common. Most of them have pistons to control the weight and make it easy to lift and lower the bed.

You can also find can wait spring lifting mechanisms, and the most important thing is that there is either a spring mechanism or Pistons to help you lift the bed, to prevent back pain and injuries over longtime usage.

Sideways mounted Murphy Bed Models


This model can be found here at $1,699 (incl. shipping)

This model is a lot like the traditional Murphy Bed, but this model flips sideways up against the wall. Some of these sideways Murphy Beds also hide away inside closets.

The model and the picture above has a writing desk mounted on the back of the bed frame, which you can use whenever the bed is in an upright position. A very nice feature, for the young student’s condo or if you need a space to work.

Murphy bunk beds

Another of the common Murphy Bed models is the Murphy bunk bed. This bed type is often used in cheaper hostels and hotels.

Murphy bunk beds

Murphy bunk beds

This type is a lot similar to the sideways murphy bed above, as the pistons to lift this Murphy Bed are mounted on the side of the bed as well.

It is primarily designed for kids rooms and other places where you need to fit in two or more single beds. Click here to see a Bunk bed and couch in one.

We have also seen it in new were apartments, where every square foot needs to be used to the maximum.

Murphy bed with shelves

The Shelf unit Murphy bed adds a little more creativity to the design. It’s a very popular design but often tend to be very expensive due to the complicated construction and swivel mechanism.

Murphy bed with shelves

Murphy bed with shelves

You can purchase this kind of bed online here.

When the bed is raised to the vertical position you can swirl the system around to reveal another function. This can be a rack or another storage unit – or just a more decorative surface.

It’s a very nice place to hide that bed, if you need to sleep in the living room, In the kitchen or if you only have one room. You can also use it to hide the guest bed inside the living room.

Murphy bed with sofa/couch

Murphy bed with sofa

Murphy bed with sofa

The Murphy bed sofa is available online here.

This is a design we see more and more. You have a sofa that folds out when the Murphy bed is folded away. Very clever and practical, a design we really love.

There are many different models on the market, and having the couch in front of the bed is just genius because the bed will lower nicely on top of the sofa. We have a separate post about Murphy beds with sofa.

Murphy beds with a dining table

This is another common type of the Murphy Bed. When you flip up this bed, you have a dining table on the other side. Perfect when you need to hide the bed in the kitchen space.

Murphy bed with a table

Murphy bed with a table

This bed system is for sale here.

A good idea if you live in a one-room apartment, and want to be able to have guests over for dinner, or if you just like to have a big working space. This solution is also something you can build yourself if you have good carpenter skills.

With a few hinges mounted on the back of the table, you can place the table flat up against the bed, and flip it down whenever you need the space to work or eat.

Beds with desk

Murphy bed with desk

Murphy bed with desk

This is a good idea for the kids’ room or the bedroom + office in one. At daytime, you have a full-size working desk, and at night you flip it up and a bed appears.

Also a design we get many requests for and something we see more and more in the interior design of small and tiny houses.

Multi-Functional Murphy Beds

During the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of new clever designs of the Murphy Beds, and a lot of new Murphy bed models have evolved.