Toddler Murphy Bed

Toddler beds usually take up a lot of space – space that could be used for play and fun during the day. So it can be a good idea to get a Murphy bed instead, to get some extra space to play with the Dolls and Lego blocks.

A Murphy bed can do the trick, but the more we think about it the more sense it makes to install a normal sized Murphy bed instead of a Toddler Murphy bed, because either way you save a lot of space.

How many years ahead will a TODDLER SIZED Murphy bed be relevant?

You need to think about for how long a kids-size bed is useful in your case, because a Murphy bed takes more time and money to install than a regular bed, so make sure you end up with a solution you can use for many years ahead.

So if you are pretty sure this will be your only or last kid, it might not be worth it, but if you are planning on having small kids for many years to come, it can be a good idea.

You also need to think about whether you are going to stay in your house / apartment long term (unless you want to bring the bed along to the next place), because the next buyer might not be looking for a room with a small Murphy bed.


A standard size Murphy bed might be a better solution…


A small Murphy bed might not save you extra space

When the toddler sized Murphy bed is folded up, it will take up almost the same amount of space as a regular Murphy bed.

The good part about these kind of beds is, that they don’t take up much space when in vertical position, and that means that you might as well invest in a normal sized Murphy bed.

A toddler Murphy bed can ONLY be used by a toddler

Another aspect could be the opportunity to use the bed for an adult, when having guests sleeping over. That will not be possible with a toddler bed.

Who knows – maybe the toddler will grow up soon enough, and you would like use the room as a guest room. That’s only possible if you choose a normal size bed instead of a bed system for kids.

Well we didn’t come up with a lot of good arguments for investing in a Toddler Murphy bed, but I hope this gave your some new perspectives on how to make sure you get the best bed for your toddler room, and if you have any questions or other ideas make sure to put them in the comments below 🙂
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