How to how to secure your Murphy bed on the wall

The first thing you want to make sure when you build your own Murphy bed is that it will never come out of the wall.

You need to get it very close to the wall and then you need to take some screws, drill holes into the back of the bed and fasten it into the wall. This is the only way you can make sure it will never come down upon you.

But before we can do so we need to make sure that the framing unit and the bed itself fits tight together because they need to work very well together for many years and as soon as you have that issue fixed you can move on.

Fasten the frame unit into the wall now. When you have done so make sure that the bed can easily move down.


The best Way to do this is to place the bed up against a solid wall preferably it should be a brick wall. If you cannot use a solid brick wall you will need some special attachment system to make sure the wall will keep the bed in an upright position.

When you buy a new Murphy bed you can be pretty sure it will come with a proper attachment system. If you build your own bed system you have to make sure to get a hold of the right equipment, so the bed will be rightly secured.

Plasterboard walls needs special plugs to hold the screws under high pressure, so make sure you get that.

You will need at least 3 inch screws to hold the bed anything less won’t work in the long run.

The best way to go around it is to have an assistant helping you one person to hold the bed and one person to drill the holes, Mark all the parts and put in the screws finally.

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Ikea Murphy bed – Cheap wall bed solutions

Disclaimer: Ikea doesn’t sell Murphy beds. For cheap Murphy beds, we recommend these (online) stores:

StorePrice rangeMurphy bedsSee them
Wayfair$1464 - $256919
Expand Furniture$1195 - $999525
Modern Furniture$832 - $6,099185

How to make your own Ikea Murphy Bed

To make an Ikea Murphy bed, you need three things:
1) Light-weight mattress ($79 at Ikea)
2) Murphy frame hardware ($329 at Ebay)
3) Plywood base.

Here’s what the finished bed will look like:

If you want an ready-to-use Murphy bed

If you’re not the DIY type, here are some cheap models, that are ready to ship:

This one is only $841 with shipping (scroll to the bottom)

It’s a nice classic white design, that will work in most settings. Very minimalistic and clean design. You will also find it in a darker version and natural maple finish:

This next bed is also very affordable, and ready to install in your room upon delivery. It will hold a 6-11” mattress, and it comes with a 10 years warranty.

It’s also a simple model, that doesn’t take up more space than it should. It’s piston operated, and you can choose to paint it if you want it to match the walls or ceiling.


It costs $1,149.95 here (also including shipping).

If you are ready to spend a little extra, this next model could be a good match. It will also hold an 11´´mattress, and you can choose from birch, cherry, mahogany, natural or pine wood finish.

It looks like the one above, but it’s better quality.

It’s manufactured in the United States, and also has 100 years warranty!


You can find it here for 2,099,- (including shipping)

We hope you have been inspired to move on with your Murphy bed project, and whether you choose to build your own from the Ikea mattress on the top of the post, or you choose to go with one of the ready-made options, we are sure will enjoy getting the extra space.

These bed systems has had a strong come-back during the last couple of years. More and more people move into the cities, and as apartments get smaller and smaller, the need for that extra space is increasing.

Build a Murphy bed with Ikea mattress or extra storage:

Ikea has been in front, when it comes to optimizing small spaces, but you won’t find Murphy beds at Ikea, so instead it can be a good idea to do a little DIY project.

We have built our own Murphy bed, which is a little more advanced than the ones above, as we have built in extra storage behind the bed, to utilize the space better.

We wanted closets, that were deeper than a standard bed, so we decided to make the bed system deeper too.

It has been a fun project, and we are very happy with how it all turned out. Here you can see the result:


The way we hold the bed on the picture makes it look heavy, but it is light and the pistons makes it very easy to lift.

You can read more about this bed here.

We spend 3-4 days building it after careful planning, and if you are interested in building one like it you can get the DIY plans here.

Scandinavian (Swedish) Design inspired by the Ikea trends

If you are into Scandinavian design like the Swedish influenced Ikea designs, you should check out this wall bed system, that has a dining table attached to the front.

It’s very well designed, and the finish of the furniture is just over the top. It’s made to fit well with the typical white lines of Swedish designs, and it will look good in most clean and minimalistic homes.

This bed system however is not from Ikea, it is made by the Italian design company called Clei. They specialize in high-end design for the modern home, and with a strong focus on space saving furniture. Which is why the wall bed series is very famous.

It’s a family company just like Ikea, and it is still run by the family who founded it many years ago.

If you happen to go to Scandinavia, and stumble upon an Ikea store, you might be surprised to find, that the prices are actually a bit lower. The reason is that in Scandinavia you find plenty of minimalistic designs with strong lines, and the Ikea concept is branded as lower middle-class furniture.

This is a classic example of the Ikea design with white finish and a minimalistic feel:


Foto courtesy:

Today it is a worldwide company, and many Americans believe that Ikea is actually an American brand and that it is owned by Americans, but the truth is that it is Swedish and founded by Ingvar Kamprad. You will also recognize, that many of the brand names on the packaging are Swedish names like:

  • SPARSAM: means “economical or sparely”
  • DAGSTORP: An old Viking memorial
  • KNUTSTORP: A castle in South Sweden

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Toddler Murphy Bed

Toddler beds usually take up a lot of space – space that could be used for play and fun during the day. So it can be a good idea to get a Murphy bed instead, to get some extra space to play with the Dolls and Lego blocks.

A Murphy bed can do the trick, but the more we think about it the more sense it makes to install a normal sized Murphy bed instead of a Toddler Murphy bed, because either way you save a lot of space.

How many years ahead will a TODDLER SIZED Murphy bed be relevant?

You need to think about for how long a kids-size bed is useful in your case, because a Murphy bed takes more time and money to install than a regular bed, so make sure you end up with a solution you can use for many years ahead.

So if you are pretty sure this will be your only or last kid, it might not be worth it, but if you are planning on having small kids for many years to come, it can be a good idea.

You also need to think about whether you are going to stay in your house / apartment long term (unless you want to bring the bed along to the next place), because the next buyer might not be looking for a room with a small Murphy bed.


A standard size Murphy bed might be a better solution…


A small Murphy bed might not save you extra space

When the toddler sized Murphy bed is folded up, it will take up almost the same amount of space as a regular Murphy bed.

The good part about these kind of beds is, that they don’t take up much space when in vertical position, and that means that you might as well invest in a normal sized Murphy bed.

A toddler Murphy bed can ONLY be used by a toddler

Another aspect could be the opportunity to use the bed for an adult, when having guests sleeping over. That will not be possible with a toddler bed.

Who knows – maybe the toddler will grow up soon enough, and you would like use the room as a guest room. That’s only possible if you choose a normal size bed instead of a bed system for kids.

Well we didn’t come up with a lot of good arguments for investing in a Toddler Murphy bed, but I hope this gave your some new perspectives on how to make sure you get the best bed for your toddler room, and if you have any questions or other ideas make sure to put them in the comments below 🙂
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Our Murphy bed (with cabinets behind the bed)

A few years ago, we built our own Murphy Bed, because we wanted to utilize our space as well as possible.

We decided to film it, and post it on Youtube, and it turned out that people really liked it, so we decided to create an easy step-by-step plan, to help others build the same project.

You can check out the video here:

As you can see we have built in storage behind the bed. The reason is, that we live in a small apartment with only two rooms, so we don’t have much space for storage.

Next to the bed we have a closet with our clothes, and we wanted the bed to flush with the closet. The bed itself is not so deep, so we decided to put shelves behind the bed, to make it deeper and become flush with the closets.


Maria has been drawing and sketching, and finally we came up with a design for our fold away double bed. It is mounted higher on the wall, to make is just as comfortable as a normal bed.

This Murphy bed is higher than standard Murphy beds, and has storage beneath the bed. Behind the bed you find two cabinets for storage. Closets besides bed (on picture) are not part of the plan.

The plan very thoroughly walks you through each step with more than 50 drawings and detailed explanations.

The materials for this project cost us $1,170 (incl. paint), and the hardware (pistons, mounting pieces etc.) we used can be found on this page …kit #2 two from left.

Specifications and dimensions

Outer frame: H: 94 – 5/16” x W: 69”
Depth: 23-5/8”
Height: 16,5”
NB: If you buy the plan, you will get it in centimeters as well.

Designed by Maria Storgaard © 2015

We spent $1,170 on materials incl. paint.

The hardware kit

We bought a hardware kit including pistons, mounting pieces and hinges. It cost $309.99, so it’s not super cheap, but it is solid quality, which is important. It is worth spending the extra dollars, on good quality that will last longer.

>>The hardware (pistons, mounting pieces etc.) can be found here


We have also made room for extra storage beneath the bed, in order to store all our stuff in this bespoke solution.

Whenever the bed is folded up, you wont notice it much, because it is flush with the closets.


Before we built this bed, we had a high bed with storage under it. We also built that ourselves, but today we rent our two of our four rooms, so we needed all the space we could get.

This double Murphy bed really works well, and we do fold it away almost every day – it only takes like 10 seconds!

DIY Murphy bed

Double Bed Headboard (open)

Head board (open)

Inside the bed we have a holstered headboard, that we can flip up and down. Behind it we have space for storage, and we have made it soft, so we can sit and read in the bed.

We use the storage inside the bed for stuff we rarely need – like winter clothing, Christmas ornaments, childhood memories and other good stuff.

Time frame for the project

It took us 3 days to do it (2 persons), but we didn’t work more than 4-5 hours pr day.

We have spent around $ 1,000 on materials, and when you think about the investment, it really makes a lot of sense to build a bed like this, especially when you need a 2-person bed that would otherwise take up lots of space.

This way you save a lot of space AND money – as you can live more comfortably in a smaller apartment.